US Ocean and Waterman Logistics Increase Cargo Solutions and Alternatives in the Pacific

Press Release Nov 04 2021

HOUSTON, TX., Nov. 4, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- US Ocean LLC (“US Ocean”) and Waterman Logistics, Inc. (“Waterman”), subsidiaries of SEACOR Holdings Inc., (or the “Companies”) announced today increased vessel availability of multi-purpose (“MPP”) and roll-on/roll-off (“RO/RO”) assets in the Pacific in response to high demand for cargo transportation.

The Companies are responding to inbound interest from customers seeking carriage of breakbulk and project cargoes as well as a wide variety of containerized shipments in the Pacific. The Companies can provide service for the carriage of cargoes to and from Japan, Korea, China, and Southeast Asia as well as other world-wide locations.

The capabilities of the Companies’ MPP and RO/RO fleets include the carriage of laden international standard containerized units as well as 45’ and 53’ units utilized in the U.S. domestic transit system. All of the MPP vessels in US Ocean’s fleet are self-sustaining, heavy deck strength heavylift vessels equipped for the carriage of IMO hazardous cargoes both on and under deck.

The shallow draft and onboard cranes (with lifting capacity up to 900 tons) of the MPP vessels permit load and discharge at alternative ports and berths with limited infrastructure, reducing the risk of delays. Waterman’s RO/RO vessels feature 20 ft doors and a deck load carrying capacity of up to 150 MT enabling the transportation of containers on chassis and large rolling stock cargoes.

As subsidiaries of SEACOR, both US Ocean and Waterman can partner with the SEACOR Family of Companies to provide inland trucking and rail, barge, transshipment, and other services and solutions for customers. The Companies’ fleets feature U.S. flag and internationally registered vessels, which provide service for U.S. government financed cargoes as well as non-impelled cargo shipments.

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About US Ocean LLC
US Ocean has the largest fleet of U.S. registered multi-purpose vessels, providing the worldwide transport of heavylift, project, breakbulk and containerized cargoes. Its modern fleet of six shallow-draft, heavylift vessels have lifting capacities of up to 900 MT, as well as roll on/roll off, and float on/float off capabilities, allowing for unparalleled flexibility.

About Waterman Logistics, Inc.
Waterman provides global transportation solutions to Commercial and Government clients through a fleet of four U.S. flag Pure Car/Truck Carrier (PCTCs) vessels, designed to transport a wide variety of cargoes.

About SEACOR Holdings Inc.
SEACOR is a diversified holding company with interests in domestic and international transportation and logistics, crisis and emergency management, and clean fuel and power solutions.

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Date released: Nov 04 2021