For the highest and heaviest shipments

Vehicle & Large Equipment Transportation

Our fleet of RORO and PCTC vessels can transport any vehicle or piece of equipment, large or small.

RORO ships offer the ease of access and carrying capacity you need when transporting the highest and the heaviest loads. With 20 foot rear doors and a deck load carrying capacity of more than 40 tons, they are designed to assist with everything from earth movers to aircraft.

Carrying Car Loads Safely

Our RORO vessels are multi-story parking lots at sea. Each ship has an average capacity of 5,800 vehicles, which can be driven on and off and between decks. Waterman provides the convenience and the care necessary for shipping vehicles without damage.

Carrying Car Loads Safely 960x447

On Hand at Every Port of Call

Our care for your cargo extends to being there for loading and unloading. We are always on hand to oversee operations at every port we visit in Japan, Northern Europe, Middle East and Far East.

Port attendants oversee loading and weight distribution for large movements to ensure the safety of the cargo at sea - the result is a remarkably low number of damage claims.

On hand at every port of call 960x447

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